ACTIV Physical Therapy is invested in not only helping you past your injury, but more importantly, making sure it doesn't happen again!


We have strength training programs and memberships to keep you on track to do what you love!

Preparing for your first visit

Welcome to ACTIV Physical Therapy!

ACTIV Physical Therapy is committed to helping each individual restore confident movement and regain the freedom of an ACTIV lifestyle. ACTIV's core programs include orthopedic, spine, and sports rehabilitation. Additional proactive programs emphasizing injury prevention and functional training complete ACTIV's specturm of care. This progressive approach allows ACTIV to change traditional perceptions of physical therapy by revealing a more contemporary clinic that is accessible to both the injured and anyone else who wants to prevent injury, solve movement dysfunction, and stay active. 

ACTIV has a special interest and passion for the care and prevention of adolescent and youth sports injury, and ACTIV wants to help active and athletic individuals of any age or ability stay active. This includes: youth sport injury, adult sport injury, "everyday" injuries, back and neck pain, and post-surgical rehabilitation. Special populations include: Adolescent low back pain related to stress fractures or disc (spondylogenic low back pain), elementary and high school sports injuries, overuse sports injuries, runners, bikers, baseball and softball pitchers, nordic and alpine skers, dancers and performing artists, gymnasts and tumblers, "everyday athletes" like moms, and gardeners, and "occupational athletes" like firefighters, policemen, and heavy equipment operators. 

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