Our Mission

The ACTIV therapeutic philosophy is based on the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine's (IAOM) model that successful treatment follows a thorough history, detailed examination, and an accurate assessment of the problem.

  • After a thorough explanation of the problem, the therapist and patient work closely together to achieve a successful outcome. Along the way, the therapist teaches the patient-specific exercises that target their strength and control deficits.
  • Manual therapy is added to almost every treatment session to improve joint or soft tissue mobility and decrease pain. This kind of approach takes time, so each one-on-one session can take about 2 hours.
  • The focus is on the solution, period. This comprehensive and caring approach works especially well with recurrent or chronic cases that have been resistant to other methods. 

ACTIV Physical Therapy is committed to helping each individual restore confident movement and regain the freedom of an ACTIV lifestyle.


ACTIV is accessible to both the injured and anyone else who wants to prevent injury, solve movement dysfunction, and stay active. 

ACTIV has a special interest and passion for the care and prevention of adolescent and youth sports injury

The Functional Training concept centers upon training "movement" and "control of movement" not just "doing exercises." 

 (In other words, we need to learn how to effectively produce and reduce everyday forces while standing or moving on our own two feet!)

Most of all ACTIV is a motiviating place where people of any age or ability can come to get better, whether they are injured, seeking to prevent injury, or dedicated to improving their everyday movement function. ACTIV's mission is to find solutions, share information, and create a motivating and successful healing environment. 
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