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Ed I just wanted to let you know I am seeing huge progress on my shoulder - but mainly wanted to pass on how much I appreciate your passion for your profession and what a great job you and your team do. I feel fortunate being able to rely on your expertise, and more important your focus on coming out of an injury stronger than you went in. The program you set up for me on my shoulder - like my back, is something I have incorporated in my normal routine and I feel it will benefit me greatly in the long run.  Again - Thanks for everything.

-Ken Frankenbery


"I began working with Ed Ash's team at ACTIV PT in 2012. Ed tailors his work to the person, listening to what they know about their body, respecting the many dynamics that make up their life and not simply placing a cookie cutter of how to get better on them. This made it an excellent fit for my work and philosophy." Prevention, and education and empowerment of the client, not simply repair, is the medicine of the future which has arrived. Ed's team focuses on this, assessing where functioning may be sub-optimal long before an injury. "The body is so beautiful and elegant in its messages that I prefer to focus on the sbtule cues it gives, respecting its sensitivites in a world gone numb. These cues of beginning to be 'out-of-balance' as for our attention, ask for it long before disease arrives, if we are but willing to Listen..." 

-Sharron Coeurvie


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