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ACTIV Performance

"I come to ACTIV because it’s so beneficial to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who constantly push me to be the best version of myself. The entire staff is very welcoming and positive, completely turning around days that I’m not feeling my best. ACTIV has helped instill a passion for health and fitness in me that was lacking before, even though I’ve been playing soccer at the highest level for most of my life. Suddenly I began to see measurable results in not only my body but also in my overall understanding of how to approach food and health in everyday life. Working out is now something that I look forward to versus an obligation, and I’ve been able to see tangible results in my overall speed and strength as they directly relate to the soccer field."

-Gabrielle Berkes

 Junior at Gardner-Webb

                                       Division 1 Womens Soccer

ACTIV Physical Therapy

"I appreciate all that you have done for me and my recovery. You have made such a major impact in my recovery and getting stronger. I know that this is why I am able to continue my softball career in college."

-McKenna Voiers,


Ed I just wanted to let you know I am seeing huge progress on my shoulder - but mainly wanted to pass on how much I appreciate your passion for your profession and what a great job you and your team do. I feel fortunate being able to rely on your expertise, and more important your focus on coming out of an injury stronger than you went in. The program you set up for me on my shoulder - like my back, is something I have incorporated in my normal routine and I feel it will benefit me greatly in the long run.  Again - Thanks for everything.

-Ken Frankenbery


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