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Hello, all injured people! Ever rupture your Achilles tendon? I did back in 2011. Never thought I'd walk normal again let alone stay active. Then I hook up with Ed and ACTIV. While my orthopedic surgeon performed the surgery and reattached my Achilles, Ed Ash healed me and gave me the confidence that I would be normal again. I was active in all my normal activities after three months under Ed's care. I owe him a debt I can never repay. He fixed my leg and my confidence. I am back!!!!! And have been stronger than I was prior to the rupture. Thanks, Ed and ACTIV. You guys recalibrate lives in a positive way! 

Ken Stefanov

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of physical therapy, I strongly suggest trying Ed's offices at ACTIV. I had unceasing low back pain for over six weeks and tried shots and analgesics with no relief. Eight treatments helped me to the point where I can golf again. I cannot recommend this office strongly enough. Plus the environment is conducive to positive training. They helped me and they previously helped my daughter who was an elite athlete at the time. Worth any extra time to get to this location.

Ken Krawczak

Over two years ago, I sustained a severe ankle injury while trail running. So glad I followed the advice of a friend and sought out the help of Team Activ. Ed developed a very detailed and targeted recovery plan that focused on building strength to prevent future injuries. I learned so much about body mechanics and how to develop better overall physical conditioning. My running improved tremendously. I also took advantage of the Strong Runner program along with my son. His cross country and track performance improved dramatically thanks to the one-on-one time with Tara and Ed. I would strongly recommend Team Activ to anyone looking to recover from an injury, increase strength for injury prevention and improve physical performance. 

Chuck Orzechowski

Ed I just wanted to let you know I am seeing huge progress on my shoulder - but mainly wanted to pass on how much I appreciate your passion for your profession and what a great job you and your team do. I feel fortunate being able to rely on your expertise, and more important your focus on coming out of an injury stronger than you went in. The program you set up for me on my shoulder - like my back, is something I have incorporated in my normal routine and I feel it will benefit me greatly in the long run.  Again - Thanks for everything.

Ken Frankenbery

Ed is the best and I highly recommend him to anyone experiencing pain or discomfort. I went to him numerous times, every time I completed the program I felt 110% and stronger than ever. The first time I gave it a shot was in high school after I tore my ACL in a serious car accident. Instead of immediately getting surgery, I chose to rehabilitate my knee by going to Activ and putting my trust in Ed's program. I ended up pain free and strong, playing my senior season of basketball with a lightweight knee brace for added measure. Never did my knee give out and I experienced no pain during the season. I went back to Ed a couple of years ago when I tore the meniscus in my knee playing basketball. I was glad to be back because I knew I was going to leave in shape with a strong, pain-free knee. Ed and his staff will go the extra mile to make sure you leave each session healthier than when you came in. They truly care about your well-being and will provide you with the necessary tools and exercises to take home to maintain a healthy, pain-free life.

Matt Heben


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